Special League

Thank you for playing Undead Factory!

From May 2nd @12 P.M. to May 7th @ 12 A.M. (JST), we are opening a special limited time League!

【Date】May 2nd @12 P.M. to May 7th @ 12 A.M. (JST)
【League】Maximum number of win streak with Walker
【Reward】League point, V.I.P
※From May 7th @ 12 A.M. (JST), we will perform maintenance for 10 minutes.

▼About Steamand GameRoom▼
The league reward icon is not displayed correctly.
The icon of V.I.P. is originally displayed, but the icon of pink diamond is displayed.
We are currently making corrections to this.The icon is a pink diamond, but the reward given is V.I.P.