New Year Campaign

Starting on December 28th, a New Years Event will be kicking off in Undead Factory! Check out the details below.

Event Schedule:
December 28th 12:00 P.M. - January 7th 0:00 A.M. (J.S.T.)

Event Details:
① For every Pink Diamond you spend during the event, you will also receive bonus V.I.P.s!

Pink Diamonds can be used for anything in the game such as shortening unit Generation time,
shortening facility construction times, or adding an extra Builder.
After the event, we will count the number of Pink Diamonds used
and allot bonus V.I.P. by the end of January.

· Players who have not yet unlocked V.I.P.s by the reward time will be rewarded with oil instead.
· If you exceed the storage limit of V.I.P.s when the rewards come in you will be allowed to hold an excess,
but you will not be able to train or loot additional V.I.P.s
(The same case applies to players who will receive Oil)

Event Rewards:
・1 Pink Diamond spent = 1 V.I.P.
・1 Pink Diamond spent = 100 Oil (For players who have not yet unlocked V.I.P.s)

② Special New Years Pack!
- 10,000 Pink Diamonds for only $35 (U.S.)
- Scrap equal to 70% of your current max storage capacity.
- Oil equal to 70% of your current max storage capacity.
*Please note if you have more than 30% of your max storage capacity
full when you purchase the New Year Pack, you will be unable to receive the excess resources.

Enjoy the New Years Event and thank you for playing Undead Factory!