Balance Adjustments

Thank you for playing Undead Factory!

We will be rolling out a patch today that will bring some balance changes into the game.
The servers will be down for maintenance for the following schedule:

August 12th (Wed.) P.M. 19:30 - 19:45 (JST)
Please note that past battle replays will be unwatchable after the maintenance.

Balance changes will be made to the following Units and Facilities.

■Beauty Queen
Attack Power slightly increased

Instead of attacking the nearest building, Leo now prioritizes Defense Facilities in battle.
Attack Power slightly lowered
HP slightly lowered

■Satellite Weapon
HP increased
Attack Power slightly lowered
Adjusted cost of VIP assigning
Increased Energy cost
Attack speed adjusted

■Flame Tower
HP increased
Attack Power slightly lowered

Please note that any balance changes may be reverted or changed in the future.

Keep on surviving in Undead Factory!