Halloween Campaign!

Starting on October 1st, a spooky Halloween Event will be brewing in Undead Factory! Check out the details below.

Event Schedule:
October 1st 5:00 P.M. - November 1st 5:00 P.M. (J.S.T.)

Event Details:
① The Colony map and all removable obstacles (trees, rocks, grass etc. will transform in to a creepy Halloween-themed background! During the Event you may choose to use the original theme. The background will revert to the original theme after the Event is finished.

② Halloween Event Super Pack!
- 10,000 Pink Diamonds with just $35.
- Scrap equal to 70% of your current max storage capacity.
- Oil equal to 70% of your current max storage capacity.
*Please note if you have more than 30% of your max storage capacity filled when you purchase the Halloween Pack, you will be unable to receive the excess resources.

③ Undead Generation Time Sliced in Half!
During the event, Generate your undead army in half the normal time!
*After the event ends, Generation times will revert to normal, so any Units in queue right as the event ends may take longer to build than originally displayed.

Enjoy the seasonal event and thank you for your playing Undead Factory!