League of Survivors has arrived!

For the first time ever; brand new leagues and rankings based on different features!
From "Infected" and "Win Streak" leaderboards to "Biggest Loser" leagues, test your colony's strength on a number of wild leagues.
Leagues will open and close at different times, so keep your eyes open!
Check out some examples of the new Leagues below.
Tap the League icon within the game to learn about ongoing leagues!

■Mass Infection

Infect survivors in your opponent's colonies with Walkers or Crowdies!


Kill as many of your opponents' survivors as possible using a specific undead, troop, etc. Make your enemies taste your fury!


Gain as many victories in battle as possible while this league is active! This league will put your attack strategies to the test!


This league ranks players based on how many times their base has been successfully defeated. True survivors bend but never break!

■Win Streak

Gain as many victories in a row as possible without returning to your colony. Can't stop, won't stop!


League of Survivors will be adding new content regularly.
Top league performers will win fantastic prizes!
League prizes will include precious Pink Diamonds, as well as incredibly rare items that can only be seen in league rewards!
Multiple types of leagues will be running at the same time, so keep an eye out!


  • When can I collect my league rewards?
    Rewards will be delivered automatically upon league closure.
    • Until when will the league results be displayed?
      League results will be viewable for a few days.
      • What time zone will be used for the leagues?
        "World Agreement Time"“UTC 15:00” will be used
        • What happens if I am disconnected from my game during a battle? Will my ranking be affected?
          The results of your battle are not recorded if you are disconnected from the game server mid-attack.
          Your ranking will not be adjusted in the situation of a disconnect.
  • What happens in the case of a tie?
    In the case of an exact tie, the victory will be given to the player whose final ranking was updated earliest, thus avoiding a tie situation.