Refer a Friend!!

Once your referred friend has completed the in-game tutorial, both you and your friend will recieve a Pink Diamond reward!!

Copy the URL, and send an invitation to your friends through your favorite SNS or email!!

How to invite a friend:
[Option]->[Refer a Friend]->[Copy the URL]->[Send your friend]

-iOS (Version:1.0.7 and up)
[Option]->[Tap a Banner]->[Copy the URL]->[Send your friend]

Invitation Rewards:

500 Pink Diamonds per person for the first 5 players
300 Pink Diamonds per person for the 6 to 10 invited players
100 Pink Diamonds per person for the 11th invited player and on.

Invited Player Rewards:
500 Pink Diamonds upon completion of the tutorial

- After having downloaded the app, your invited friend must start playing by tapping 'Launch App' button on the page from the URL below to get the Pink Diamond reward.
- Once your friend has completed the tutorial, you will receive the reward.
- iOS version 1.0.7 and up only.