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General Help

  • What kind of game is Undead Factory?

    It's an RTS (real time strategy) game in which you create an army of undead and use them to attack colonies created by other players.
  • Is Undead Factory free to play?

    All of the game's features can be used without paying. The Pink Diamonds that are available for purchase can be used to reduce facility construction/unit creation times, add Keep Out effects, and buy resources.
  • Which devices can be used to play this game?

    Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 and above, or Android 4.0 and above
  • Can the game be played using a foreign Apple ID?

    The game cannot be downloaded using a foreign Apple ID.
  • Can iOS and Android users play together?

    Yes. Both devices use the same server.
  • I would really like to have more Pink Diamonds.

    In addition to buying them at the shop, you can also get them by completing quests and removing obstacles.
  • I'm not really sure what to do at the start of the game.

    The first thing you should do if you're lost is to check the quests. Quests that can easily be completed will be displayed in the upper left of the screen when you're at your colony.
  • What is the cause of the undead outbreak?

    The cause is unknown, and thus there is no known cure. No vaccine or viral antibodies have been developed. Flu medicine is able to stave off the initial symptoms, but nothing has been able to prevent the final outcome.
  • I don't have enough oil or scrap.

    If you are in need of more oil and scrap, you can get them from production facilities or as spoils of war. You can also earn them as rewards for completing quests or purchase them with Pink Diamonds.
  • Because Survivors can be turned into undead by the enemy, I don't really see any reason to have them.

    Survivors can fight in your army as Soldiers. Because you can order Soldiers to attack a target at will, their presence on the battlefield allows you to utilize increasingly advanced tactics. Survivors also play other crucial roles, but unfortunately, those roles are classified and cannot be explained in greater detail here.
  • How many survivors are there?

    Approximately 10 million survivors are thought to be scattered throughout the world. Estimates place the number of physically capable undead at around 3 billion and the number of physically inhibited undead at around 4 billiondiv
  • My colony was under attack when I launched the application.

    When the application is idle, your colony is open to attack from other players. These players may destroy your colony and pillage resources from it. That said, you've got nothing to worry about! Damaged buildings will be rebuilt in no time. The resources you lose will not be returned to you, unfortunately, but you can at least use your loss as motivation to pillage resources from other players!
  • Can you tell me more about the guide character?

    Her name is Jenna Lexington. She worked as an auto mechanic up until the end of the world, and her speech and behavior tend to reflect the time she spent working in that male-dominated profession.
  • How long do the undead live?

    They can live about four or five years if they avoid serious injury. However, their makeup varies according to geography, climate, and seasons, with some living as long as 15 years and others as little as less than one. It is said that they are able to extend their lives by digesting human flesh, but how that works remains a mystery."
  • What are decorations?

    Decorations do not provide any defensive benefits, but rather, are buildings that only exist for aesthetic purposes. Their inability to stop enemy undead mean that they are ultimately decorative and nothing more. Build them when you have resources to spare.
  • I'm looking to change devices and want to know how to transfer my game progress.

    Begin by linking your game account with a Facebook account, and then make a backup of your colony data on your Facebook account. You cannot backup multiple game accounts on the same unique Facebook account. Please note that if you already have backup game data linked to your Facebook account, the new data will overwrite the old.

    **Backup Process**
    1. To transfer game data, go to Options => User Info. => Data Transfer by connecting to Facebook.
    2. Download the application again on your new device, and play through the game tutorial.
    3. From the Options menu, tap the “Link to Facebook” button and login to the appropriate Facebook account.
    4. Once the data transfer prompt appears, choose “OK” to complete the transfer process.
  • Can I change my name?

    Yes. Names can be changed under Options from the menu.

Game Features

  • Can I arrange my buildings all at once?

    Yes. Select the Layout tab from the scroll menu to enter the arrangement-oriented Layout Mode.
  • Moving walls individually is a pain!

    Select a wall and press Select Column to select an entire column of walls. This option allows you to move them all at once, level them up all at once, or rotate them 90 degrees.
  • Nothing happens when I press attack.

    You cannot attack unless you have at least one undead unit. Create a Lab and use it to produce undead.
  • Rocks and trees start appearing if I don't play for a while.

    The rocks and trees that appear in colonies are obstacles. These impede the construction of buildings and must be removed. Though free builders and resources are required to remove them, their removal will occasionally yield Pink Diamonds.
  • What are VIPs? I see them on the shop screen but not on the game screen. Where do you get them from?

    VIPs are a precious resource. They are not available at the beginning of the game. VIPs can be used to create extremely powerful undead units and operate special defensive facilities, among other things. Unfortunately, VIPs acquisition cannot be described in depth here. They apparently come into play in the middle stages of the game, but that's the extent of the information I've been able to access.
  • How are you able to develop new kinds of undead?

    It was discovered that you could use surgical procedures to combine two different body types into a new body with entirely different features. These new creations are commonly called "Frankensteins." The process of combining bodies remains a mystery, but it must be performed frequently to get the desired results. Advanced technologies such as gene manipulation and viral mutation are not involved.
  • What is the meaning of "LV" on the top left of the screen?

    Raising one's Level (LV) does not impact the gameplay itself. It rises once you've earned experience from constructing buildings and winning battles. This LV is indicative of your skill level and how far you've progressed into the game. It can also be use to surmise the strength of opposing players.
  • What is Keep Out?

    Keep Out indicates a period of time during which your village's safety is guaranteed. Keep Out is activated for a period of time after you are attacked and defeated by an opposing player to protect your village from further attack. If you launch an attack while Keep Out is in effect, your bases' Keep Out effect will be nullified. Pink Diamonds can be used to purchase Keep Outs.
  • What is "Rating"?

    Rating is a value that indicates your colony's ranking in the world of Undead Factory. The higher the Rating, the better your colony is doing. Colonies with a Rating similar to your own will be selected when searching for potential opponents to battle. This means that a higher Rating will allow you to fight against stronger colonies.
  • Why was my name has been removed from the Rate Rankings?

    If 30 full days have past since your last login, your name will be automatically removed from the Rate Rankings. Simply login again and you will return to the Ranking board.


  • I can't figure out how to chat.

    Chat rooms are only available to guild members. You'll want to join a guild to use this feature.
  • What are guilds?

    A guild is an alliance of like-minded players. You do not belong to a guild at the start of the game. Try joining one early on.
  • Can I make my own guild?

    You can create a guild and become its leader. This will allow you to decide its name and objectives. Creating a guild can be a great way to make the game even more enjoyable when playing with friends and/or coworkers.
  • What is the function of the Guild Leader?

    The Guild Leader keeps the Guild running by recruiting members. The Guild will be automatically dismantled in the following cases, so as a Guild Leader do your best to keep everything going smoothly.
    1. 3 full days pass without any members joining, and only the Leader within the Guild.
    2. The Guild Leader has not logged in to the game for 3 full days.
  • Does the game include team battles?

    It does not at the moment, but we are planning to implement them in the near future.


  • Why do some units come back and others disappear after battle?

    The deployed units that survive the battle can return with you to your colony. Be advised, however, that Hellhounds and other animal undead will disappear after a single use. Recently turned undead also become temporary units, because they are too dangerous to be taken back with you.
  • I'm not winning any battles!

    By raising the level of your units and viruses, your units will be able to withstand the shots of the defenses and destroy more of your opponents base. Master the timing and placement of your units, viruses, and troops based on your opponents' base layout to succeed.

    Check your defense battle log to see what units were effectively used against which structure to improve your defensive layout. Furthermore, by infecting more and more of your opponents` colony`s survivors, you will turn the tide of battle. If you feel that you just don’t have quite enough units, it would be best to enter a guild and request reinforcements.
  • I can't defend my colony! I lose every time I try!

    Take a look at how your buildings are arranged. A basic strategy is to construct defensive facilities in locations that allow them to defend your resource facilities. You won't be able to surround each and every one of your buildings with walls so think long and hard about your defensive priorities. It might also be a good idea to study the colony layouts of high-ranking players.
  • Can the undead be killed?

    Their bodies are frail and can easily be destroyed as long as they are not a special subspecies. But because they attack in hordes that are tens if not hundreds of undead in size, a haphazard attack on them is extremely dangerous.
    Destroying their heads will render them unable to act. However, they may continue to move in the form of convulsions and other nervous reactions.
    Dead rendered incapable of walking due to the destruction of their heads or the loss of their legs will decay relatively quickly and stop moving entirely after about two weeks under the blazing hot sun.
  • I can't break through the walls and attack the buildings within.

    It's hard to break walls with normal units, so you might want to try using Bombers. Bombers will head toward walls and self-destruct when they are close. Bomber attacks will inflict tons of damage on the walls they hit. They are units specifically designed to deal with walls. However, they will be gone after they self-destruct and are susceptible to the attacks of certain defensive facilities, so you'll need to use other undead as a decoy to draw attention away from them.


  • What are Soldiers?

    Soldiers are units that are able to fight alongside undead. Because you are able to command them to attack a specified target, the actions they're able to take in battle are far more sophisticated than those of the undead. After throwing Soldiers into the fray, select them with the Soldier icon and select a building to have them attack it. You will not be able to issue an unlimited number of commands to them, however. Once a command has been given, they will not be able to receive a new command for a certain period of time.
  • What does its mean to request troops?

    If you join a guild, a maximum of nine soldiers can be recieved from guild members as reinforcements. They can be found at your Barracks.
  • What role do Radio Towers play?

    Radio Towers do not contribute directly to defense or resource production. Instead, they transmit radio messages to the area around your colony and call Survivors to you. Survivors that hear these messages will come seeking the safety of your colony. Simply constructing Radio Towers will do little good. If they are not activated, radio messages will not be transmitted, and Survivors will not come to you. In the middle stages of the game, you'll learn how to make Fake Radio Towers that will play a decidedly different role when your colony is under attack.
  • What are Survivor Camps?

    Survivors live in these facilities. The capacity of your Survivor Camps determines the maximum number of Survivors you're able to house. Raising their level will allow you to raise this maximum.
  • What are Fake Radio Towers?

    Fake Radio Towers are built to resemble Radio Towers. You cannot tell them apart by looking at them. These buildings are meant to fool players. If units carelessly approach them, thinking them to be harmless, they fire powerful electromagnetic waves that turn the immediate vicinity of the towers into microwave ovens able to blow unsuspecting undead to pieces!
  • What is Satellite Weapon Mode?

    It's a feature that allows you to switch between targeted and ranged attacks. The range of the attack will vary depending on the mode.
  • Is that a brain in the middle of the Satellite Weapon?

    It certainly looks like one, so it's possible. It's unclear whether it's a solid object or some sort of hologram.
  • How do the dead walk?

    The cause and the mechanics behind their movement are yet to be uncovered. However, it has been observed that humans and animals that have had their lives suspended seem to retain instinctual behaviors like walking and eating. There has also been some evidence that activity in part of the brain stem is elevated, but because decomposition wreaks havoc on the entire body's nervous system, it is not known whether or not this particular brain activity is the direct cause of resurrection.


  • What is the meaning of the "ANIMAL" mark in the lower right of the unit's picture on the unit info screen?

    As the word implies, the "ANIMAL" mark means that the unit is an animal type. If you send units with this mark into battle, they will not return with you to your colony when the battle ends. They are wild by nature, and because their behavior is altered even further by their mutation into undead organisms, they can't not be tamed to the extent required for them to be brought back after fighting. Attempts were made to improve them, but because these attempts resulted in a number of victims, the idea of taming them has been all but abandoned.
  • Are the undead contagious?

    They are. However, it is not known whether the contagion is a virus or some sort of fungus. Anyone who dies after being bit by an undead is guaranteed to be resurrected as one within minutes. On the other hand, people who have not been bitten and then die are also very likely to resurrect as walkers, but the conditions required remain unknown and have yet to be replicated."
  • Do Hellhounds only target Survivors?

    Hellhounds mainly target Survivors but will also target any resource facilities that they encounter.
  • Do Bombers only attack walls?

    Bombers specialize in taking out walls. Once deployed, they'll go straight toward walls, but that's what they were created to do. Once they reach a wall, they will self-destruct and be lost forever.
  • I don't understand how to use Bigheads.

    Troublesome Sirens that are able to grab the attention of most undead units have no effect on Bigheads. Moreover, some small units that are scattered in case of death can attack again.That is why these units are able to overcome your enemy's tricks and attack them.
  • I don't understand how to use Trumpeters.

    Trumpeters are able to encourage undead units around them and boost their speed and attack power. They are unable to attack on their own.
  • Why do Phaias only run in a straight line when released?

    Once deployed, Phaias run straight at any targets in front of them, but are unable to change course after that. They destroy every building that lies in their path. After destroying those buildings, they'll disappear into the forest. It may seem like they're difficult to use, but their attack power is second to none. When placing Phaias, try putting them on paths that will ensure maximum destruction.
  • What is the deal with Crowdy attacks?

    Crowdy attacks damage everything around them. While the damage they inflict on an individual target is minor, it continuously hits a number of targets in a wide range. They may be slow to act and move, but because they've got a lot of stamina, they excel at inflicting huge amounts of damage over time. The Crowdies are also the only unit able to infect and turn Survivors.
  • Do Soldier vehicles have any offensive capabilities?

    Yes they do. They can crash into buildings to inflict damage on them. On the other hand, any Soldiers still inside of said vehicles when they crash may be killed in the ensuing explosion.


  • When does this take place?

    The setting of this game takes place between 2015 and 2020.
  • What do Walkers attack people for?

    They are predators that prey on living humans. However, they are also dead, which means they've lost the ability to digest food. A meal for them appears to be quite different from what we would consider a meal. Their main reason for feeding may simply be to add to their numbers.
  • Do the undead possess intelligence?

    As far as we can tell, their intelligence is not on par with that of living humans. They appear to completely lose the personality they possessed when alive. However, undead with special bodies do seem to possess the requisite intelligence required to use the abilities their bodies provide.
  • Why aren't soldiers attacked by friendly undead?

    They're armed with special devices that emit pulses. Allied undead are trained not to attack any targets that emit this particular pulse. This phenomenon was only discovered by chance. Once, while a certain biopharm facility was studying the undead, an unexpected accident allowed the undead to escape their quarantine put the lives of the researchers in imminent danger. At that time, a frequency transmitter one of the researchers just happened to be holding saved the man's life. This knowledge has since spread far and wide, but only works on undead units under your control, so unfortunately, it cannot be used on wild or enemy undead units.
  • The Survivors act incredibly stupid when trying to escape.

    Just think about it for a second. How calm do you think you'd be in their shoes? Just when you thought you'd finally found a safe place to live, your whole world comes crashing down on you... While it may seem awkward at first glance, this is how people actually tend to behave when faced with unexpected emergencies.
  • Tell me more about Jenna.

    Jenna is a strong woman that will do whatever it takes to protect the colony. She has plenty of experience surviving the hard conditions of the apocalypse. Listen to what she has to say.
  • How do Radio Towers attract Survivors?

    Many of the Survivors outside of your colony are using radios to search for messages from other Survivors. These Radio Towers transmit messages that tell Survivors of your colony's existence and invite them to come and live there.

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